If you are a Client

Is the candidate interview process too time consuming? Are you looking for a unique experience with your IT staffing partner?

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For our Talent

Are you looking to get out of the "resume-mess?" Do you feel like you're just another candidate "stuck in the stack" and just want to "get in front of the manager" so you can sell yourself?

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Eikon Difference

Are you finally looking for an IT consulting firm to exceed your expectations? Are you looking for some real value and a change of pace?

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"Virtual" resumes at no additional cost? Want to hear someone's communication skills before you commit your valuable time to an interview?

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Professional Services

Got a job that needs an experienced talented team? All of your resources committed to other projects? Are the required skill sets temporary? Let us work with you to achieve the results you need. We will do the heavy lifting.

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Technical Training? eLearning needs? LMS Services?

Combine your consulting and staffing needs with your elearning needs. Augment your resources with professional services or hourly resources, while strengthening your permanent workforce with new and enhanced skillsets.

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Introduction to Eikon

At Eikon, we believe that Greatness is achieved when the Right Talent is in the Right Job with the Right Company, and we are committed to relentlessly searching for that perfect match.

Our Approach is Simple: Eikon's team represents over a century of experience successfully connecting IT specialists with our clients. We have relationships that span the globe, enabling us to identify talent quickly, and allowing our clients to achieve their business goals in a timely, efficient manner. We understand that finding the right fit is more than a checklist of skills, and we are committed to understanding all aspects of our clients' needs, culture, and goals in order to make that perfect match.

Our Delivery is Innovative: After candidates are fully screened and qualified, a Techie-Talk audio profile is created to give our clients a "Virtual" experience. Techie-Talk is a phone recorded conversation that is exclusive to Eikon. Techie-Talk is completely customized to the client's expectations with content that is relevant to them. This allows candidates to expound on professional details that might be eliminated from an introductory resume, and allows clients to "preview" each candidate's knowledge and communication skills before the interview process begins.

The Difference is Clear: We believe in the "old school" way of doing business, based on relationships. That means asking questions and listening to the answers, understanding that your success enables our success, and truly building a strategic partnership to provide solutions to your business needs. We also believe that hard work yields results, and that dependability is the key to longevity and success.

What do we do ?

Eikon's value to our clients is only as good as the talent we can find. The strength of our network coupled with an expansive database has helped our clients find solutions to their business and technical initiatives for more than a decade.

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If you are an Information Technology professional or an Organization looking for technical expertise, we would like to hear from you.

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