The concept of Techie-Talk is so simple, yet so powerful. Imagine having the ability to be able to receive a resume and hear the candidate’s communication skills or evaluate their technical aptitude…. before you commit your valuable time to an interview? Not only is talent evaluated on technical ability but personality and culture fit play an integral part in today’s hiring process.

Eikon Consulting Group works with our clients to build custom screening processes that works best for their needs.

Techie-Talk was created to give our clients a "virtual" experience when reviewing our talent’s resumes. Each Techie-Talk profile is 100% customized to our client's specific requirements.

Benefits of Techie-Talk:

To hear an example of Techie-Talk’s value, click on the Techie-Talk logos below:

  • Job Descriptions from the manager:

    Techie-Talk job descriptions are great if a company is hiring multiple positions or you just want to reduce the interview time by giving the candidate the "overview" before you meet them. It’s not uncommon for the first 10-15 minutes of an interview is the client manager telling the candidate what they are trying to accomplish and an overview of the company. Techie-Talk gives the manager the ability to say it once. When you are interviewing multiple candidates, this can be a huge timesaver. Eikon sends the recorded job description to the talent before the interview is conducted, thus allowing the hiring manager to immediately start the interview process once the candidate arrives.

  • Communication skills:

    No longer will the definition of a candidate's communications skills be subjective to our opinion. You will know within seconds if the candidate's communication skills are sufficient for your needs. A client of ours once said, "I don't know who I'm going to hire in the first few minutes of an interview, but I know who I'm NOT going to hire, and Techie-Talk gives me those first few minutes."

  • Technical aptitude:

    Imagine being able to ask the candidate technical questions that are relevant to your project / need? Clients often provide 3-4 technical questions that they would like to hear the candidate address prior to setting up a phone screen or in-person interview. We prefer that the client NOT give us the answer they are looking for. This assures the manager that the questions were not given to the candidate in advance and you will often hear the candidate "think" through the process of answering the question. If they don't know the answer to the question, you will hear them acknowledge this and the audio moves on to the next screening question.

  • General overview of their background:

    This allows a candidate to talk about their strengths and some of their more challenging projects. Techie-Talk tries to go deeper into the talent’s background and give our clients more than a traditional resume would present.

  • Value Statement: or

    We often ask talent to tell our clients why they think they should be hired or to describe the value they think they will bring to the project. This is often where the talent showcases the reasons they should be hired.