Eikon Talent Difference

At Eikon, we always believe in going that extra mile when it comes to creating strategies that can help our candidates gain a competitive edge over other applicants.

The inadvertent number of applications that a company receives against a vacancy results in a ‘resume'mess.' With the company size, the ‘resume'mess' also increases proportionately. We understand merely applying to the companies or corporations might not land you a job but making it stand out from the ‘resume'mess' can. Therefore, we work along with you as your trusted partner to narrow this gap and put your resume on the top of the stack.

An audio profile, we refer to as Techie-Talk, allows you to elaborate on your resume at a deeper level. Your career aspirations, passion in life, interests, project details, and challenges, among other things, talked about in Techie-Talk brings the resume to life as it reflects your personality along with your capabilities.

Techie-Talk is a tool to help showcase your talent as you go along answering the questions that are sometimes given by the client to assess your technical aptitude.

The client is intrigued to listen to the Techie-Talk profile as they go through the resume, to evaluate your profile on various parameters such as communication skill, culture fit and technical aptitude.

The greater and broader view of your overall personality presented before the clients help them identify the real talent and the right fit which eventually improves your chances of being hired.