Why Eikon Consulting Group ?

In a sea of confusion to decide which IT consulting firm to use and which ones to avoid, Eikon Consulting Group has separated themselves from the rest of the pack with our value added services.

Techie-Talk is an industry first and has been used by Eikon's founder, Kent Smith, in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex for more than a decade. Streamlining the hiring process and allowing our customers to see submittal-to-hire ratios and interview-to-hire ratios unsurpassed in our industry saves our clients time and money.

Our strategic partnership with CompuCert.com allows our clients to train their internal staff on the latest technology. Employee training is a known factor in employee retention and keeps our client’s employee turnover to a minimum. Your best hire is the person working for you now, and what better way to keep them then to keep them trained? We offer deep discounts and training voucher rebates which could result in FREE training from Eikon Consulting Group.


The definition of Eikon means "image of God or heavenly things." While we are not going to be perfect, we will be striving for perfection every day when it comes to understanding all aspects of our clients' needs, culture, and goals in order to make that perfect match and exceeding everyone's expectations. We want our clients and talent to "Imagine Greatness" when they work with Eikon Consulting Group.

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